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Title: QHY174M-GPS calibration StartPos and EndPos
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Hello occultation observers,

I have now a new version of my script.

.zip   Occultation_Addin_SharpCap_script_2023-07-02.zip (Size: 849.7 KB / Downloads: 2)

What can you do with my script ?
- From OccultWatcher for a future event ... export a file with all the information of the event
- In SharpCap ... import the file with the information and you can do the following things
- GOTO to the star coordinates
- Plate Solve and centre to the star coordinates
- With the QHY-174GPS camera: perform the LED calibration
- Prefill the weather condition in the SODIS template
- Start a test capture (for checking if the images transfer is stable)
- Start the countdown and start automatically the capture of the film at a predefined time before the expected event time

The ZIP file contains a PDF with a lot of explanation ... please read it before doing something with the script (really, read it).

If at the beginning you do not want use the automatic start of the film ... it is OK.
You can use the script for the preparation (GOTO, Plate Solve, LED calibration). The film capture can be done manually.

But before using my script with a real occultation ... please use it with several test events.
You can do the following, for a future event (some days before the event), you can use the file after changing the date (and or time) from the tags
#StarRA, #StarDEC, #PredictTime, #EventDate, #EventTime (scroll down to the end of the file).
Yes, if the future event is at 3 O'clock in the morning ... you can change the time for 22 O'clock.

In addition for the QHY-174GPS camera LED calibration ... you can install the "menu" version of the LED calibration script.
The same script is used with the "Occultation" script.

.zip   Calibration_LED_2023-04-27_menu_41.zip (Size: 4.51 KB / Downloads: 1)

Hi Jean-Francois,

I will try this out and use it soon. Thanks for the great script!


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