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Title: SharpCap avi issues
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SharpCap avi recordings have a frame rate of 30 fps, leading to issues with Tangra and AOTA if camera is a PAL version (as mostly in Europe). 
This can be fixed by converting the frame rate using VirtualDub: "Video frame rate control" under "Video" > "Frame Rate" (tested with vDub 1.10.4).

Tests showed further that there is no alternative approach in SC. Recording in SER is possible, however SC/SER cannot handle the integration feature of some video cameras (e.g several WATECs). It may run with no integration but with integration, it will not be possible to tell Tangra and/or Occult the integration setting of the camera.

Also, ADV is no solution, SC does it not provide for this type of setup (ADV is for digital cameras only).

The solution is to use a simple analog video capture/recording software as VideoView, Such software is also often shipped together with the frame grabbers.

Christian Weber

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